Our mission is to connect and equip:

The Gospel Recovery Network exists to both connect individuals and families to gospel-centered resources to pursue redemption in Christ and equip lay-persons, counselors, churches, and organizations to minister to individuals in need. 




The Gospel Recovery Network is a network of individuals, churches, counselors, organizations, ministries, and resources united by our belief that the Scriptures are sufficient and the gospel is relevant in overcoming addictions and the otherwise enslaving interplay of sin and suffering; true freedom is that which can only be found in Jesus Christ. When someone is searching for assistance and resources, the Gospel Recovery Network provides gospel alternatives to what the world offers those in need. 


Additionally, we believe that the Church was purposed to serve as the redemptive community wherein true recovery takes place. When functioning as intended, the Church should be the greatest treatment center on earth. The Gospel Recovery Network seeks to equip local churches to become the redemptive community that Christ envisions.


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